Delivering IT Projects in the

Emerging Hybrid Workplace

With an accelerating shift to hybrid work models, how will IT leaders

manage people and projects, while delivering on time and under budget?

How will the application development lifecycle need to be adapted to the emerging hybrid workplace?

Aug 25th, 2PM EDT / 1PM CDT

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In March of 2020, tens of millions of people worldwide were suddenly thrust into remote work as the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns were implemented.

Businesses and end users adapted quickly, and companies were able to keep doing business relatively easily given the scope of the change.

Additionally, employee productivity actually went up — and even remained that way well after the initial push to transition — across the globe, from New Zealand to the US.

Management consultants had been saying for years that a distributed workforce was going to be the new normal, and seemingly overnight it was.

Although globally we are still working to move past the pandemic, the outlines of the post-pandemic workplace are becoming more clear.

They have major implications for not only workers but IT, which will need to adapt user-supporting processes and play a greater role in partnering with HR on the policies and approaches that underpin work processes and a changed culture.

IT will also likely need to examine and reprioritize its technology investments, budgets, and policies as a result.

How will IT leaders manage people and projects, while delivering on time and under budget?

Speakers & Moderators:


Terry Williams

Chief Information Officer

Belcan Corporation


Joseph Meadors

Vice President Information Services

Gaylor Electric, Inc.


Jim Cavellier

EVP & Chief Information Officer

Cass Information Systems


Aaron Geiger


Alberici Group, Inc.


Supantha Banerjee

Chief Information Officer

EyeCare Partners


Kirby Cole

Director of Talent Acquisition

EyeCare Partners

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